The Fitness Squad

Our top six fitness freaks!
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As the world embraces Keto challenges and other health and fitness trends, our inspirational women of glamour and beauty give us an insight into all the hard work and intense work out routines that goes into achieving a fit body.

We have rounded up the top Fitness Frenzy Divas who will give you all the motivation you need, to hit the gym and break a sweat to flaunt that summer body.


Mawra Hoccane doesnt believe in being the pretty girl on the block, she believes in a beauty that feels good aswell. We have caught her working those abs every now and then and she gives off major fitness goals to all her followers.


Hareem Farooq has envious gym moves, however she wasn’t born with them. She gives credit to her trainer who has been her motivational force. She makes sure she pays enough attention to her health as much she does to acting.

Meesha Shafi is a yogi and a fitness freak. She inspires her fans with the best from all the fitness regimes she follows and we can definitely see the results in her super fit body and skin.


Lollywood star Sana Fakhar has the body goals every woman dreams off. She doesn’t seem to age and her secret is her hard core workout routines and healthy diets.


Armeena Khan is breath of fresh air but she isn’t afraid to break a sweat to keep that mesmerizing beauty and extremely fit body in the right shape.

Tamgha e Imtiaz Mehvish Hayat is the princess of Pilates. She has been working really hard to appear just as gorgeous in real life as she does on screen.

We hope these body babes have given you enough inspiration to put on your gym gear and adopt some healthy habits for an enviable body.

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