The first episode of Ms Marvel just dropped and Pakistani twitter has nothing but wonderful things to say

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Warning: spoilers for the first episode

Pakistani Marvel fans rejoice! The anticipated Marvel series Ms. Marvel just dropped the first episode and fear not, Twitter users are giving it positive reviews. After some scrutiny began when a clip from the first episode dropped a week ago, which some people said did not accurately represent what a Pakistani accent looks like, and even criticized the outfits portrayed.

But after the first episode, we get to understand that this is a wholesome story about a young Pakistani-American girl name Kamala, whose idol is Carol Danvers, or Captain Marvel. Her favorite things to do all day include drawing fan art of Captain Marvel and making YouTube clips discussing the Avengers super heroes. But then the Avengers Con is announced, and Kamala wants to desperately go because she wants to enter in the Captain Marvel contest, but her strict parents refuse to allow her since they think she is wasting her time with drawing and day dreaming.

Twitter users lauded the wholesome direction, as well as how Pakistani musicians were integrated in to the show, like for the end credits the artist Eva B’s song Rozi was featured and twitter users loved it!

Some people had to praise Iman for her amazing acting skills


We’re so happy that for the first time ever, we’re watching Pakistanis being represented in a positive way on an international platform. If the first episode was this amazing and wholesome, we cannot wait for what the next episodes bring!

You can watch Ms. Marvel on Disney Plus every Wednesday!