The dynamic mother-daughter duo of Depilex redefining what beauty represents

A one-on-one with the beauty gurus




Depilex presents ‘Empresses of Diamonds and Dreams’- an ode to inner beauty, traditional aura and charm.

We had a chance to have a one-on-one with the women behind the business, who make dreams come true.

Mother daughter efforts pooled in are always so strong and special. How is the work dynamic between the two of you?
I’d say like any other mother daughter dynamic. We butt heads a lot. I tend to over plan and mom will go more with the flow so it’s a matter of finding the balance between the two.

Can you describe the creative process that goes on when both of you are coming up with concepts?
It’s always starts with either her or I looking at a scene from a movie or a post online or even a painting. Once something is cemented in our mind then we both go down a rabbit hole of concepts and ideas and bounce them back and forth. I love planning and organizing so I take on the job of gathering the ideas and mood boards and mom let’s her creativity run free.

What is the one product that both of you use that you absolutely by?
I am all about the brows, I feel they really define the way your face looks and cannot survive without the MM eyebrow pallete, and I’m not being biased it’s the best.

Shanze, what is the one thing you absolutely love about being a make up artist? And what was it about the field that inspired you?
Honestly, I love painting and have been for a while so this may sound cliche but it’s just that there is no limit to what you can do and letting the creativity just run free. Even something as simple as filling in or shaping the brows is like adding that magic touch to a canvas.

Tell us about how it was growing up around all the movers and shakers of the industry? Who are some of the people you admire?
Well, it was intense, but in the best way possible. I saw these strong women not just within my family that have made such an impact and always persevere. Making me strive to be better, to do better.
As for who I admire, I’d say it’s my cousin Redah Misbah. She really does inspire me with how she balances her life work and family and just finding the best solutions to problems that come up.

What is the vision you both share when it comes to Depilex and where it will be in the next handful of years?
Just like my mother said. We talk a lot about giving back empowerment beyond just beauty. We have the smile again foundation as an example for us on the impact it has and the lives it has changed. We’d keep improving ourselves, keep learning and keep evolving.

Depilex has always been a family run business that has been kept tight knit. What’s the best part about having your family with you at work?
It’s the comfort honestly. We’ve always grown up in a tight knit even at home. That closeness translated to the work place. You know that they always have your back and I tend to say what is on my mind and be very vocal about my opinions and sometimes they can be wrong but we have this understanding and are able to talk through a lot of decision making and problems and what not, which is great.

How did the both of you come up with this concept? Tell us about how it all fell to place and who your muses are?
I’ll give credit to my mom, for this one. Once she sees something she is very determined to make it happen and when she saw this one image she came to me and told me that she is going to make it happen and I was on board no questions asked. We start with throwing names/brands/clothes at each other kind of like word association and then things just connect from there.

What’s the next best thing we can expect from both of you?
Always bigger and better things. Honestly can’t say what the future holds for us but to hoping we do more amazing shoots and get to work with more amazing and talented people.