Teacher leave these kids alone !

Umair Sajid

Umair Sajid

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Source: Ken Loach/screen grab

You’re spellbound

An original score by Zulfu Livaneli stimulates you emotionally, while you’re watching a kid cry out loud because he has been bullied.

He isn’t heard.

He’s dismissed.


His falcon has been slaughtered.

But his spirit is unshattered

The black velvet veil shuts close.

Opens up again.

Strawberries – a bed – a dining table, a dismissive mother, a spoiled brother and a cage.

‘He isn’t heard.

He’s dismissed.

Ridiculed, but his spirit is unshattered ‘


The talented kids from Bloomfield hall perform impeccably under the mesmerizing dome of Ali auditorium. Based on a novel by Barry Hines ‘KES’, director Angela Williams and Fauzia Afzal talk about education and the system around it.

Source: Angela Qaiser

‘KES’ revolves around falconry but talks about education through that. The use of symbolism to project certain ideas about education and the ability of flight and freedom are thoughtfully represented by the use of a falcon. The falcon is caged and later on slaughtered by no other than Billy’s half-brother; this resonates with how the falslefully owned education system kills the innocence of a child.

Unheard and unable to voice his ideas the main character Billy keeps on struggling to project his emotions ,values and love for life. Wrestling to stay afloat mentally, while being looked down upon at school and elsewhere , Billy comes across a baby Kestrel which happens to provide him with the much needed purpose in life.

He steals a book from the library and rushes back home to read and learn about falcons. With the books aid , Billy trains the falcon to fly and hunt. While hiding from his half-brother who’s a massive source of torture for him, billy founds refuge with a professor at school. Instead of advocating negative enforcement this professor has a rather progressive approach towards education.

‘Instead of advocating negative enforcement this professor has a rather progressive approach towards education.’

Pink Floyd’s “another brick in the wall “keeps the audience on their feet in between intervals, while the headmaster casually beats the children with a stick.


The performance comes to an end with awe crept into the audience , leaving them thinking about the consequences of brutal acts of dismissing and ignoring a child’s voice.


“No dark sarcasm in the class room

Teacher please leave those kids alone”