The Meme Gods Have Us In Fits After Taher Shah’s ‘Farishta’!



Eye to Eye famed singer Taher Shah just dropped his latest track ‘Farishta’ after being out of the picture for 3 years and honestly, we’re not disappointed. It sure has lived up to Taher Shah’s name and… our expectations!

The song was long awaited after the singer announced the release of the new track back in December last year on his official Twitter page. However, the release date was postponed multiple times before the final date which was (finally) yesterday, 10th of April 2020.

The song was officially released last night. The idea revolves around children as ‘angel beings’ on earth and thus the music video is an animation featuring all things innocent and beautiful.

Watch ‘Farishta’ below:


While the world was still taking in the essence of the song, the meme gods decided to descend already to bless us with some real Taher Shah goodness which has us in FITS!

Here are some of the ones we can’t just get over:

While the world quarantines, and the current times are not the happiest – Taher Shah’s ‘Farishta’ and the memes that followed were indeed much needed. Its wonderful to see how one song brought the entire nation together to enjoy some lighter moments together.

Let us know which meme was your favourite and THANK YOU Taher Shah!