Taher Shah all set to release debut Hollywood film ‘Eye to Eye’




‘Eye to Eye’ singer Taher Shah took to Twitter to announce news of his upcoming film ‘Eye To Eye’ all set for release in Hollywood, written by, and starring Shah himself.

In a detailed Twitter statement, the ‘Angel’ singer revealed that the movie was shot in Canada, America and UAE, and will be featuring international as well as new artists. Along with English, it will also be released in the Urdu language.

Revealing the plotline, Shah’s management team wrote that ‘the film will be based on a unique story of eternal love named Eye to Eye.’ They added that the film was in development since a few years, but was delayed due to scheduling issues and due to Covid-19. “Genuine art takes time to create and Taher Shah believes in creating original work he always showcases his creativity through unique projects. Shah knows people do wait for him to release his project”, shared the artist.

According to the Shah’s Twitter handle, ‘This will be the beginning of a new era of Taher Shah with the Eye to Eye Hollywood movie.’