Supreme Court rules women’s inheritance can only be claimed during their lifetime

“This ruling practically invites male relatives to kill women in order to claim over their share of property” tweeted activist Ammar Rashid

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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The Supreme Court announced on Thursday that a woman’ inheritance could only be claimed during her lifetime, and after her death her children had no right to claim over it. This ruling was decided in a court case where two children of the deceased mother claimed a share of their maternal grandfather  Isa Khan’s property back in 2004. The grandfather had passed all of his property to his son Abdur Rehman in 1935 and did not give a share of his property to his two daughters, and both of them had not filed a lawsuit against their father during their lifetime.

Social media had to criticize the Supreme Court ruling by pointing out that the inheritance laws have made it more difficult for women to seek control over property. Activist Ammar Rashid criticized this decision on Twitter by explaining that already women own 1% of the property in Pakistan, and this ruling only allows male relatives to kill women in order to take over their land

He further detailed how biased courts were against women in terms of claiming their share in property, by citing his own experience of watching his mother and sister face difficulties in courts

Another twitter user pointed out that this ruling doesn’t take into consideration how during their lifetime, women are blackmailed or face larger consequences by their relatives to prevent them from claiming a share in their property. But now such a black and white ruling makes it further difficult for their children to demand a share in inheritance.

This user had to point out that this ruling was disappointing because it further tries to limit a woman’s participation in society

Another user mentioned how this ruling is further endangering the lives of women because of honor killing, when family members murder women because she has brought shame to the family and it can be used as an incentive to claim over her share of property