Supreme Court rules fathers bound to provide financial support for children

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


On 1st February, the Supreme Court in Islamabad has issued out a verdict that holds fathers are the primary guardian to ensure the maintenance and education of their children. Express Tribune reports the verdict was the result of a divorce case a woman filed at a family court regarding the upbringing of the six-month old daughter she shared with her ex-husband. In 2007, the court ordered the father to pay Rs 1000 per month for the daughter’s maintenance.

Later in 2021, the woman petitioned the family court again and the court increased the amount to Rs 25,000. The father had challenged this decision at the High Court, claiming he was unable to provide this much as he relied on Rs 60,000 from his pension and had family to support.

The judgement by the Court declared that according to Islamic law, a child’s education is considered a maintenance, and therefore the petitioner was bound to provide financial support till the child graduates and gets married.