Supreme Court orders for criminal action against Meesha Shafi and others to be stopped, calls it a hindrance on freedom of speech

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Today, the Supreme Court ordered that the defamation lawsuit filed against singer and actor Meesha Shafi  to be stopped, because it hinders a person’s right to freedom of expression. In a tweet shared by Shafi’s lawyer Nighat Dad, she shared the words of Justice Qazi Isa who said that defamation lawsuits are a ridiculous law and were restricting the right of freedom of speech for every citizen of this country:

“Justice Qazi Isa in #Metoo case said if there would be a sentence for “calling a thief a thief. If someone calls someone a thief or a murderer, will they be punished for just saying that? Ridiculous laws have been enacted. Why are you making freedom of expression a criminal act?”

Justice Isa who was overhearing the petition filed by Meesha Shafi, said that the FIA had turned a blind eye on the kind of content that was being displayed on social media in Pakistan, but why are they quick to come down on one person because of a single tweet?

Nighat Dad also shared that Justice Isa said that during Ziaul Haq’s rule, women were convicted under the Qazf ordinance as Islam offered complete protection to women