Stylo Pakistan Unveils its Unique Perfume Collection



It’s a woman’s dream come true to buy perfection. At Stylo’s stores, we saw this happening with its Fall/Winter 2020 Footwear & Accessories collection. Not coming slow, Stylo Pakistan adding to its immaculate range of products, launches its very own collection of perfumes.

A good scent accentuates the personality they say. Rightly so especially when it is an era of the progressive lady. Stylo has always emphasized on empowering and elevating the role of women. Adding to their dressing needs, Stylo perfumes are not just fragrances, these are scents to be remembered by and the scent itself to be remembered.

Stylo’s line of perfumes are special fragrances from Italy. Bella, Fame, Casa, Sail Away, Infinite, & Drizzle are a blend of fruity, musky, floral, woody, sweet, oriental and spicy notes giving each perfume its own personality. Their tailored-made bottles, are beautiful to look at and come with their own distinctive look. Economically priced, Stylo perfumes are no less than global standard fragrances.

Next time you step in to a Stylo store, complete your shoe, bag or accessory shopping with a Stylo perfume and be #ScentedToRemember.