Stylo Encourages Little Feet to Perform Big Feet!



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Aren’t kids always very selective when it comes to choosing shoes for themselves? Well, why they shouldn’t be? After all, these are the shoes that let them walk the road of their wild dreams. So, to chase those dreams all they need are comfy, easy to wear, easy to walk, and above all voguish shoes.

Stylo, by keeping these factors related to its kiddy target audience in consideration launched its Kids Collection 2020 which is meticulously designed for the little feet who are fearless in taking big steps and that’s the idea which has been communicated by the brand in its collection launch video with the tagline “Chotay Hum Baray Qadam” in an utter joyous manner with a musical beat that would make anyone tap one’s feet.

The Kids Collection 2020 comes with comfortable sneakers, colorful pumps, vibrant sandals, softies slippers, lightweight joggers, and so on. In short, a crazy wide variety of casual and formal shoes that fit perfectly on each little foot!

Since Stylo’s previous campaigns have always revolved around the idea of women empowerment that clearly reflects in its brand slogan as well which is “Girls Stand Tall” hence the brand while launching its Kids Collection didn’t divert from its narrative of empowerment and stands firmly with it but this time the picture is painted with the colors of children.

With “Chotay Hum Baray Qadam”, Stylo appreciates the bravery of the kids that often goes unnoticed but the steps these little feet take are never small but courageous without any forethoughts regarding the aftermath because “Kids gotta do what they gotta do”. This is the very initial stage of life when we all need to appreciate these little steps so to encourage them to never stop shooting for the stars.

And what’s a better way to support them than letting them walk, run, jump, climb to reach sky high.

Watch the Stylo Kids DVC here: