Stylists taking center stage; giving the entertainment industry a unique boost!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

Among the very few industries that are soaring while the stock market goes meh is our very own entertainment industry! It appears to have kept it’s sails intact and is producing blockbusters one after the other. Another department which has been boosted owing to the increasing attention on the entertainment industry is the whole ‘stylist’ profession.
While it may appear as only a game of aesthetics, stylists are actually much more! Curating a look for someone who’s going to be presented in front of the entire nation is a task in itself. From being updated to the latest ramp reports to new collections of brands and products locally and globally- the stylist takes on a lot of pressure on their shoulders.

We bring to you Pakistani stylists who have struck us due to their eye for detail.

1) Tabesh Khoja
First up, we have Tabesh Khoja! This dude keeps his own style as crisp and clean as he does for his muse. This Fashion influencer styled Sadaf Kanwal for the Lux Style Awards which received a lot of attention and appreciation.

2) Mavi Kayani
Another favorite who makes it to our list is Mavi Kayani! This hard core fashionista is seen styling every leading lady. She herself looks rather gorgeous in this Ali Xeeshan Lehnga Choli for a festive night out. After looking at this look she curated for Mahira Khan– we believe classic yet chic appears to be her go to mantra.

3) Ania Fawad
One cannot deny how Maya Ali nailed every look she opted for while promoting her latest release Parey Hut Love. The brains behind most of Maya’s looks for the promotional season is none other than Ania Fawad. Ania appears to know the magic of silhouettes as is apparent on her muses.

4) Mehek Saeed
Sassy, fearless and chic, this lady is not afraid to experiment and doesn’t settle for the basics. The looks she curates reflect exactly that and we can’t help but love them. She herself slays in everything she wears. You go girl!

5) Alishay Adnan
While the lady herself is giving us some serious Audrey vibes, her looks also remind us of the old world charm. This look she created for Sanam Saeed receives a solid ten from us.

6) Rao Ali Khan
Celebrity stylist and costume designer, Rao Ali Khan has styled many leading men and women and has recieved alot of appreciation lately. Seems like he has cracked the code and can ace every look he creates.

7) Aneela Murtaza
Last but definitely not the least Aneela Murtaza and her laid back personal style is making us green with envy! How can she look so cool in pajamas? Her effort in styling the Baaji actresses was commendable; both actresses looked super sleek and updated while promoting their movie.

We are in awe of all these stylists, more power to them!