Style your Saree in five different ways!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

With fashion week and the award season ending we are left with a lot of fashion inspiration from the leading ladies of our entertainment industry. A Saree will always remain a statement piece in the wardrobes of the south asian women. However, with decades and decades of wearing it the same way there’s a dire need of some experimentation with the piece.
That’s when our celebrities and stylists come in; they never let us have a dull moment!
Here are five different ways to style your saree to make a statement when you head out of the house.

The Modern Twist

Ayesha Omar opts for a a white laser cut saree with a silver bustier by Elan. The saree also incorporates a slit and doesn’t go by the conventional methods with the pallu. Future-esque and modern-all in one!

Forget the Rules
Hira Mani takes the gujrati form of styling the saree but mixes it up with a a casual black front knot shirt. Best of both worlds? we think yes!

Structure meets Movement
Mehek Saeed describes her look as “equal parts whimsy and structure” in this breathtaking Saree by Zara ShahJahan. This is such a modern and functional take at wearing sarees. Definitely one of our favorites!

Belt it up!
Sonya Hussyn clinches her form of the saree with a belt and we love this addition wholeheartedly. Styled by Sana Anver, this look gets the desi on point plus is super build able with accessories as we can see.

Love it? Layer it!
Mahira goes for fusion in this intricate printed white one-she layers it up with a camel colored blazer that elevates her look and steals all the limelight. Take it from the Queen girls!

It’s all in the details. Be fierce and unafraid, you can’t go wrong with a saree!