Storm hits Makkah: Pilgrims caught in heavy rain & strong winds




A violent storm hit the holy city of Makkah yesterday, as Muslim pilgrims and residents of the sacred city were caught by heavy rains and strong winds. A red weather alert was issued in the region for today, Wednesday 23 August.

Videos of pilgrims scrambling for shelter have been circulating on social media, as violent weather whipped the region, with strong winds nearly blowing them away, Tuesday evening. The staff at the Grand Mosque were overwhelmed by gusts of wind blowing away large garbage cans.


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Red alert was issued in the province and some parts of the Saudi Kingdom by The National Meteorological Center (NCM), as the unstable weather conditions were expected to continue today.

In a another video, a powerful wind causes a large billboard to tumble, nearly missing a passing car. The pictures also show cars that are almost entirely buried in rains and flooded highways.