Sonya Hussyn reveals why she’s not interested in getting married

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Actress Sonya Hussyn won’t be joining in on the Decemberistan trend any time soon guys.

In an interview with Tv One, the ‘Tich Button’ actress was asked about her plans on getting married, which she shut down immediately by responding that she never felt like she could fit in with the new generation.

“‘You’ve finished studying, you’re really successful, you even have your own house. So why aren’t you married?’ I feel like I don’t fit in with this generation,” the Dadaal actress responded. “People don’t have good manners or respect for each other. They don’t know how to talk to girls or treat women well. They also don’t know how to respect older people.

“I can’t accept these things because I come from a different background,” continued Sonya. “Now, I only feel inspired by people who have good qualities and treat others nicely.”

We are big believers in finding your soulmate at the right time, and we’re happy to see that Sonya has the same opinion.