Sonya Hussyn applauds Meera’s grace and dignity after old interview clip goes viral

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Actress Sonya Hussyn shared a clip of an old interview featuring the veteran actress Meera Jee, who was being mocked by the journalist at a news platform for her inability to speak in proper English. In the viral clip, the ‘Baji’ actress was lightly mocked by the host as she struggled to remember a quote, and instead wrote it down to recite it. Despite the rudeness, Meera remained composed and graceful throughout the clip.

Sharing the clip on her Instagram stories, the ‘Dadaal’ actress applauded Meera’s kindness, despite the unprofessional behaviour of the host, and said it was an example that other people should follow.

“She shared something so profound, but the host kept mocking her because he didn’t have the level of intellect to understand it. It’s the best example of when people can’t reach your level, they try to bring you down to theirs. But she smartly ignored him and said that those who need to understand will get it. Just let it go.”