Son Ye-Jin and Hyun Bin have announced that they are expecting their first child

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Crash Landing on you fans rise! Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin had captured millions of hearts around the world when they starred as the star-crossed lovers Yoon Se-ri, who is from South Korea and Jeong Heyok who belongs in the military in North Korea in the popular Korean drama “Crash Landing on you”. Both of them meet when in a paragliding accident, Se-ri accidently lands in a military base in North Korea, and Jeong hides her real identity by presenting her as his fiance and hides her in his home, but then they both start having feelings for one another.

The couple made the entire world sob when they got married in March in a gorgeous ceremony and had jetted off to Los Angeles for their honeymoon.


Now, Son Ye-Jin has announced that she and Hyun Bin are expecting their first child together in an Instagram post. She had written:

“You are all well, right?
I am doing well^^
Today, I want to carefully share some joyful news~

A new life has come to us..

I’m still a bit dazed, but I am feeling changes in my body every day with concern and excitement~
As thankful as I am, I also feel that much cautious, so I haven’t even told anyone around me yet.
Before it gets later, I am sharing this news with fans and acquaintances who must have been waiting as much as us.

We will make sure to protect the valuable life that has come to us~
I hope all of you will also protect what is valuable in your lives and live in good health..

Be happy♥”



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We’re happy crying like the rest of you. Congrats to the wonderful couple