‘Single mothers should be acknowledged and encouraged’: Sana Nawaz

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Actress Sana Nawaz was a guest at the FHM Pakistan podcast where she urged for society to show more respect and empathy towards single mothers, rather than shaming them for ending their marriages.

“Single mothers dont deserved to be judged, stressed the actress. “They should be acknowledged and encouraged. Appreciate their effort and encourage them, and just be there for somebody who has no help most of the time.”

The actress stressed that a lot of people would have assumed that she would be living a privileged life and has help available whenever she needs, but as a single mother she suffers from the same pressures that other women also face.

“You might be thinking that since I’m an actor, I have several house helpers. Despite that, I still struggle from the same pressures in society, the same that a single woman who is unmarried and chooses to work is facing.”