Singer Hasan Raheem provides context to viral video of two women beating shop keeper

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


A video was going viral on the internet for the past few days where two women were seen aggressively beating up a shop keeper, prompting many celebrities and social media users to call for their arrest. Singer Hasan Raheem released a statement on his Instagram account today providing some background to the entire event, sharing that in reality it was the two women in the video who were the victims rather than the perpetuators.

“Salam everyone. I would like to clarify a few things from the last video. There are some facts that have come up after we got accounts from the people who were present there.”

“I would like everyone to be mindful of reacting to something like this without context,” continued the ‘Kaleji’ singer. “It’s very easy to blame someone without understanding the full context. These girls are getting death threats from random people and we need to make sure this situation doesn’t escalate from here.”

Hasan revealed that the two women in the video were not from influential families, and in the video the shop keeper was seen passing lewd remarks on them, hence why he was beaten up.

“These girls are not the daughters of a lawyer and this has been confirmed from multiple sources. The clerk in question had been passing remarks on the girls referring to them as prostitutes on night duty. You can see him passing a remark and then smirking in the video as well.”

“When he was questioned as to why he was talking to them like that,” continued the ‘Faltu Pyaar’ singer. “He retaliated and abused them. The girls shouldn’t have raised their hand on them and thats where they were wrong. They should have called the police on him. The person speaking in the video has also apologised for not speaking the full truth in the video.”

In his second post, Hasan lamented how people were quick to jump to aggression before understanding the complete picture about the situation. “It is so easy to jump on the bandwagon and begin slandering someone.”

“It was not right of them to raise their hand but there is a limit to how long one can stay silent in such a situation,” said the ‘Aisay Kaisay’ singer.

“How much a woman needs to be afraid about her own security in this country, she is better acquainted with this reality than I am. Learn to take care of your mothers and sisters so that they won’t have to take matters into their own hands next time.”