Singer Annie receives flak for calling Malala ‘puppet of the west’




Singer Annie Khalid, who rose to fame in 2006, after releasing her hit single “Mahiya”, recently received alot of flak on Twitter after she called Malala a ‘puppet of the west’.

Replying to an anonymous post asking users to share an opinion they found controversial, Khalid decided to post her opinion which was that “Malala is a puppet of the west”.

Social media users were not happy after the singer made a controversial statement about the education activist and Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai. Soon after Twitter users demanded that Khalid apologize, pointing out that Malala had made more efforts to speak up on the rights of Pakistani women than Khalid had ever done.

Twitterati were prompt to slam the singer posting comments in defense of Malala.

Many found it ironic that Khalid is going after Yousafzai for living in the UK, when she herself  lives in the UK as well.