Simi Raheal criticizes PEMRA notice on “Dil Naumeed Tou Nahi”



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Acclaimed television and film actress Simi Raheal took to Instagram on Saturday to criticize a notice sent by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on the social drama “Dil Naumeed Tou Nahi” over its content.

In the Instagram post, the actor had written: “Govt guidelines want this brilliant content modified into what???! Oh I see … they want to see domestic conflict black magic illicit relation between family members aspiration of you g girls achieving material affluence by any means!! Oh wait Govt guidelines also want talk shows with no guidelines!!”



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Simi Raheal further criticized the organization for shooting down screen writers who were willing to tell good stories, and further creating a hinderance in seeking out talented artists in the future because “we need to live in a negative myopic land call lulliput!!”

The social drama “Dil Naumeed Tou Nahi” revolves around child abuse, prostitution and human trafficking, and is shedding light on the hidden demons that exist within our society for which has recieved alot of praise on social media.

In an official tweet by PEMRA, the organization had raised concern over the content of the show, citing: “In addition, the management of TV One has been directed to change the content of the drama serial in accordance with the PEMRA Code of Conduct within five days and to provide details related to the editorial board.”


Other actors working on the show like Omair Rana had taken to Twitter to defend the content of “Dil Naumeed tou nahi”, and explained that it was necessary that such shows exist to expose the ugly truth about the society we live in


by Mahnoor Jalal