Shiraz Uppal challenges Aima Baig’s claim of co-writing song ‘Funkari’




Raanjhanaa singer Shiraz Uppal challenges Aima Baig’s claim of co-writing the song ‘Funkari, after she claimed in a recent post that her latest single ‘Funkari’ was co-written by herself and late lyricist Shakeel Sohail, who passed away in June 2020.

Soon after Baig’s public claims, Uppal took to his Instagram handle, calling out Baig for ‘misquoting’ details of the song. The singer wrote in an Insta story, “She [Baig] forgot to give the due credit that was already mentioned by Universal Music India on her YouTube credits.”


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“We started writing this song three years ago in Ramadan. It was Shakeel [Sohail] bhai’s last song Funkari that he co-wrote with me,” Baig had said speaking to a local media outlet. “It took us like almost three years to make this song because I was too scared to let a solo single out because, since the start of my career, I haven’t released a solo track on which I had worked by myself day and night.”

“Get your facts right lady. Shakeel Sohail passed away 6 months prior to writing this song and the last he co-wrote with me was another single for you named Faraq Faraq’. So Funkari was written, composed and produced by me and you just came to sing it that only took 3 hours,” Uppal responded.