Shehryar Munawar’s ‘Prince Charming’ is 12 minutes of an emotional roller coaster




Shehryar Munawar’s directorial debut ‘Prince Charming’, featuring leading stars Mahirah Khan and Zahid Ahmed, is bound to have you hooked to your screens for the entire 12 minutes of the show, without a single second of boredom. The film is evidence to the fact that 12 minutes are all you need to wholeheartedly relate with a character and feel you know them since an entire lifetime!

With the trailer showing Mahirah Khan wearing a loose bun, very little makeup and simple shalwar kameez, the film promises to show a very real side of females, one that is seldom shown in the media industry where glamour is usually the tool that is used to attract audiences.

Moving onto the actual 12 minute short film, the film deals with the issue of post-marital issues, particularly the plight of women in such circumstances, in an extremely sensitive and nuanced way. As far as the execution of the plot is concerned, at no point, does it seem like  seem like the visuals coming from a male-centric or male dominated approach, despite the fact that it is actually a man who is sitting in the director’s seat and lending his gaze to every scene. In this sense, the film strikes a very delicate balance between the voice of both protagonists, which is often difficult to find in local films.

Lastly, the film also has a very aptly suited pace, with all it’s scenes being well placed and evenly balanced without the audiences’ level of involvement getting too high or too low, at any point in the film, because there’s just the right amount of action happening in every scene.

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