Shehryar Munawar posts an apology note after receiving flak for attending parties during the pandemic

The actor received flak after he was spotted at a birthday party when he had encouraged his fans to strictly observe SOPs.

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Shehryar Munawar received criticism from his followers yesterday when he was spotted at a birthday party although he had tweeted on social media that he wanted everyone to strictly observe SOP’s due to the alarming rise of Covid-19 cases. The actor’s followers on Twitter criticized him for not practicing what he preached underneath his now-deleted tweet about observing SOP’s.

Today, Shehryar posted a long note on Twitter and his Instagram stories where he explained why he was spotted attending a party which was his neighbor’s birthday, and also apologized for his ignorance and lapse of judgement.

“Last week I went to wish my neighbor on his birthday on an invitation I had accepted two weeks prior. Not expecting the crowd, I wished him and left within 5 minutes of being there. In a candid moment, I was asked to take my mask off and pose for a picture. Rightly so, I was called out for doing that and not following the SOP’s.”

The actor further went on to apologize for his actions and thanked his social media followers for holding him accountable for his actions: “There is no justification for my actions and I stand corrected. I apologize for ignorance, lapse in judgement and lack of better sense. A big thank you to my social media family for keeping my moral compass in check. We owe each other as much.”

Shehryar ended the note by saying that times were tough and we must encourage each other to follow SOP’s so that they can stay safe in this pandemic: “Times are tough and we must follow SOPs outlined by the government. My prayers go out to the families affected.”