Shaniera Akram condemns the rape and murder of six year old girl in Karachi

“Too much pain. Too much blood spilled. Not enough awareness. Not enough is being done to stop it.”

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


trigger warning: mention of rape and death

Shaniera Akram posted a series of tweets condemning the rape and death of a six year old girl in Korangi, Karachi and was found dead. She posted the tweet “Until every child is safe, no children are safe”

Then Shaniera tweeted that instead of going into politics, she wanted to go in to the police force in order to ensure that the criminals responsible for these atrocities were not spared so that women and children could safely breathe in this country:

“Forget going in to Politics, I want to join the Police force & Rangers and go get these Monsters myself, Nothing would make me happier!”


Shaniera then shared a post which was reporting on this incident, and above she lamented the growing crisis which did not leave women and children safe from such crimes. She urged people to consider why this crisis has kept growing, and to stop telling others not to talk about it:

“This little girl the same age as mine went out to play & never came back. Tell me to stop talking about it, Go on I dare you?? This happened 20 min from my home. This happened in my city. This happening in our Country. And This Keeps on happening!! Tell me to stop? I won’t! ”

Shaniera then pointed out to others that they need to keep raising awareness about the sexual abuse women and children were suffering from in this country, because authorities need to take measures to do something about it:

“Stop telling me this happens everywhere. I’m telling you it’s happening in Pakistan. And I refuse to ignore it until our country does something about it! Too much pain. Too much blood spilled. Not enough awareness. Not enough is being done to stop it. When will it end!!!”