Shahzaday by Emraan Rajput Fits All The Festive Marks.




Emraan Rajput seems to be showing no signs of slowing down as he continues to churn out one collection after the next. His sherwani’s have hit new levels in more ways than one and his latest collection Shahzaday is clearly one that brings together a fine combination of color schemes and cuts that make for the perfect look for groomsmen and bride bearers.

The one thing we can count on Emraan Rajput for is knowing everyone’s style and keeping it in mind whenever the collection is in progress. What we have here is an array of ivories and whites along with your sophisticated black sherwani’s that will fit the bill for those who make the festive occasion run well.

For the brides brother who accompanies her while making her entrance. For the groom’s brother who is consistently making sure everyone is taken care of.

For the cousins and friends who partake in the festivities and want to look their absolute best. It seems as though Shahzaday by Emraan Rajput has the full package for all.

With the early indications of the festive season it’s time to make your way over to Emraan Rajput and get your look sorted.