Shahrukh Khan wins hearts in his interaction with girl in Hijab




Shahrukh Khan yet again proves that he’s King Khan for a reason, as he wins hearts in his interaction with a Muslim girl in hijab garnering immense praise on social media.

In a viral video of a recent event, the superstar met with four fans, one of which was a Muslim girl wearing a Hijab. While Khan greeted his female fans by hugging them back, when it came to the girl in Hijab, Khan respectfully said salam placing his hand on his heart, and then stepped aside.
Khan’s gesture has been appreciated by the Muslim community around the world, for respecting the intricacies of Niqaab for Muslim women and showing respect towards their faith. It is this attitude of the Bollywood superstar which has earned him a long reputation as a true gentleman, garnering a global female fan following.

Moreover, the Kal Ho Na Ho star has always raised his voice for religious tolerance and respecting different beliefs, regardless of their religion, and this recent incident bears witness to his convictions, inspiring people all around the world. The simple act serves as a reminder for humanity and the need to keep working towards a society where everyone is respected, loved and appreciated.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💕