Shahid Afridi advises girls to adopt Islamic principles in life and not to waste time on social media

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


AfridiShahid Afridi was recently invited to Bakhtawar Girls Cadet College in Nawabshah and was accompanied by members of the Tableeghi Jamaat. As per sources, Afridi was invited to the college by its principal Brigadier (Retd) Dr Muhammad Amin.

He lectured the female cadets on women’s rights in Islam and advised them to adopt the Islamic principles in life. He further added, “Focus on your studies, social media and mobile phones are time wasting tools.” He advised female cadets to maintain their focus on their studies and understand our religion as this will help them in their lives as social media and mobile phones can only distract students.

Afridi talked about his life as a cricketer and how at one point in his career he wanted to quit as some people around him were trying their best to end his career but then he took guidance and help from Isam and Tableegh.