Shafqat Mahmood announces special O level exams will be held from July onwards

The minister of education announced today that O’level exams will be held for students to start A’levels in September.

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Shafqat Mahmood the minister of Education took to Twitter today to announce the governments decision to hold O’level exams from July 26th till August 8th, in order to facilitate students to start their Alevels in September properly. He also admitted in his post that this was an unprecedented announcement but Cambridge was helping the government to arrange this properly:

“We issued an NOC today to British Council allowing it to hold special O level exams from July 26 to August 6. This will facilitate O level students to start A level or FA/Fsc from September. This kind of exam in July is unprecedented and I am happy that Cambridge is arranging it.”


Further onwards, Shafqat Mahmood wrote in an another post that he was aware of the difficult environment the pandemic had created which had especially made the government make difficult decisions about the final venue for the exams. He assured that the government was taking all the necessary steps to ensure that education continues, and that the welfare of students is their primary concern:

“The pandemic has created immense difficulties in all walks of life but especially in education. We have been taking difficult decisions to ensure that education/ learning continues. Every decision has pros and cons but for us the interest/ welfare of students is always  paramount.”


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