Sarwat Gilani’s Art Class is Engaging Kids and Mommies!

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


Sarwat Gilani has definitely saved all the moms out there from going crazy with their kids at home!!

With this coronavirus pandemic going on the whole world is in an isolation mode. It is just not the concern of a few states or countries but there is an alarming situation world wide. The deadly virus which is travelling at a very fast pace from one person to anither is causing deaths everyday and every morning we hear a great number of new cases being reported.

Everyone in the country is upset and the only solution we have right now is to stay clean, wash our hands and go in quarantine mode. As we are not used to of this kind of a situation nor we have ever been into such a crisis, it has lead everyone to start having anxiety, stress and depression.

Our celebrities took a great initiative and started awareness campaigns through their social media accounts and then after they all started live videos to keep their fans entertained and engaged with them to help them release their stress a bit.

Sarwat Gilani has won hearts as she has started an art class everyday for children who are as bored and upset as adults.

The best thing about her live art class is that she comes up with a short video an hour before and explains what is needed for the art class and she always keeps in mind to keep the session fun with everything that can be easily available at home.

For her fun and creative art class you do not need to go out and shop for things as she makes art projects from things that are readily available at home.

She has set a time of two hours that is 4pm-6pm with her son. She herself spends time in this way with her sons who help her with the art projects.

Keeping her art projects simple yet fun and creative alot of her fans have started waiting anxioulsy for the next class.

She explains in such a great way that projects are easily made with her in no time and the kids are engaged for a long time enjoying the class.

We would like to wish her all the very best for taking out time everyday and helping her fans to stay active and keep their children engaged with something creative everyday.

All the best for your YouTube channel !!