Sapphire wishes everyone a hopeful new year

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


Sapphire wishes everyone a hopeful new year !!

As the year 2020 started off it was no less than a nightmare for everyone around the world as we all got hit by the covid-19 which led to the pandemic. This year has been a difficult one and the most challenging one for us as many lost their loved ones and we had to face a severe economic crisis.

As we have wrapped up 2020, we must say that it has taught us lessons of staying positive, not giving up, and helping people in need a bit more.

Sapphire made us look back on all the tragic and positive events that have happened in the previous year!


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Team Sapphire’s thoughts behind the video: 

As the new year was approaching, naturally we started planning our 2021 greeting for our customers and network. Looking back at the unprecedented year that we’ve all had, we just thought that wishing a ‘Happy New Year’ this time around would sound insensitive. So, we thought of how we can send a positive greeting keeping in mind our true sentiments and of those around us.

We sat down and thought about every tragic incident that happened this year, globally and in Pakistan, from COVID-19 to the horrible plane crash right before Eid, the devastating monsoon rain flooding in Karachi, and more. We noticed that with all of these unfortunate events, there was one thing that provided a constant source of hope through it all; people. People rose to the occasion and uplifted each other, humans took care of humans, and life supported life. That is the only way we made it through this intense year.

That’s when we decided that this is the message of optimism that we wanted to share, as we bid farewell to 2020. We wanted to encourage people to carry forward this shared sense of community into the new year and hope for a better tomorrow, knowing that no matter what life throws at us, as long as we are there to support each other, we’ll make it through.