Weaving Green-Pakistan’s first sustainable fashion line by Sapphire




The air is abuzz with conversation about Pakistan’s fastest-growing fashion retail brand – and the pioneering step it has taken for the environment. Sapphire’s latest initiative – Weaving Green, a campaign that launched their sustainable fashion line exclusively made from ethical production methods, repurposed fabric, and reduced water consumption – is a dynamic effort to reduce fashion waste in Pakistan. Let’s let the magnanimity of that sink in for a minute.

More than just your average kurtas, these 6 articles boast their own specialties. They are made out of fabric that had seen better days, that was old, forgotten, and eventually discarded as waste. To slowly curb the extent of fashion waste – of which textile waste happens to be ones of the largest contributors – it’s very encouraging and inspiring to see a Pakistani fashion brand move towards a model of sustainability that will have a huge impact on the environment. Moreover, this independence day, Sapphire has pledged to recycle at least 40% of their fashion waste by 2025. That’s huge!

Kudos to Sapphire for always being a frontrunner in envisioning and implementing better practices in their business. With their umbrella campaign – Little by Little – they successfully managed to get the idea of eco-friendly canvas bags take root in people’s minds, which eventually became the new norm. Now, Sapphire is upping the ante on their own efforts by spearheading this new wave of responsible manufacturing and processes which speak volumes about where the brand’s priorities and future vision lie. Not only this, but their recently launched ‘Revive the Thread’ campaign encourages the donation of unwanted, used, discarded, old fabric, linen or any piece of clothing to the garment collectors place in their stores so that Sapphire can recycle them and give them a new meaning.

Sapphire is one of the few brands in Pakistan that is walking the walk towards creating a fashion retail ecosystem that invests its energies in a better tomorrow. It’s a commendable move in the greener direction! With their latest sustainable fashion line coming to the audience around Independence Day, this initiative is a nod in the right direction that will hopefully encourage other brands, other industries, and the mass audience, to adopt responsible practices. For starters, you could invest in a kurta from Sapphire’s sustainable fashion line, and dress in something that is meaningful and impactful at the same time – because it’s every ‘you and I’ that will eventually make a real difference for Pakistan and the world

There’s absolutely no reason for you to miss out! Join Sapphire this Independence Day in supporting their initiative by shopping sustainable fashion or donating unwanted clothes to their cause – and just by donating 5 pieces you’ll get 10% off! Start fresh this 14th August with Sapphire and move towards a new lifestyle!