Sanam Saeed shares her opinion on why there is a rise in divorces in Pakistan

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Actress Sanam Saeed was a guest on Something Haute where she addressed the reasons behind why there is a rise in divorce rates in Pakistan. The ‘Cake’ actress said it was because women had more choices that didn’t bound them to a losing relationship.

“More women are less inclined to stay in abusive marriages because they are no longer helpless. You no longer are forced to stay in a marriage because you have no idea where to go or what will happen to you if you leave, or if you’re going to be homeless.”

Another reason the ‘Mera Naseeb’ actress provided was that women have learned how to be financially independent and stand on their own feet, rather than depend on a man for survival.

“A divorce happens for its own reason but a woman should not have to stay that’s why education is so important. Mother and Father’s should always ensure their daughters are well-educated and financially independent, and not marry them off at the age of 15. You can get married as long as the deal is that you finish your education.”

Watch the clip below: