Sacred Timekeeping: The Madina Watch by Hanif Jewellers and Watches




With the commencement of Ramadan, Hanif Jewellers and Watches unveil an extraordinary creation to mark the occasion. In a remarkable collaboration with renowned watchmaker Louis Moinet, they introduce the Madina Timepiece—an amalgamation of exemplary craftsmanship and spiritual synergy. This innovative addition adds to the already glimmering legacy of the brand and design house.

Limited to twelve exclusive pieces, Hanif Jewellers describe the design elements as follows:

The green color symbolizes growth, peace and everlasting prosperity, incorporating the intricacies of cultural, religious and moral values which are centered in the amalgamation of one the holiest places of the ancient and modern worlds, a bridge between the past, present and the future.

The advent and widespread usage of the Hijri Lunar calendar, the migration to Medina, the foundations of one of the most influential revolutions of the world, the Medina watch stands as a tribute, a reminder and a keepsake for all who believe and for all who see the light.

Join us as we further delve into the captivating story behind this exceptional creation, exploring its significance and the artistry that it inspires from.

Taking inspiration from Al-Masjid An-Nabawi, the beacon from which the message of Islam radiated globally, the Madina timepiece serves as a poignant homage to that profound message of peace and hope.


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The watch dial is made from intricately engraved mother-of-pearl. Moreover, a green micro painting embellishes an engraved appliqué.

Furthermore, it boasts unmatched craftsmanship by integrating urban architecture elements as well as three openwork pieces, distinctive hour markers, a striking dial, and intricately designed lugs and vertical bridges.

It’s not unexpected that they’ve once again established a new standard with this watch, which speaks volumes about their mastery of their craft.

These watches are exclusively available at Hanif Jewellers and Watches only.