Saba Qamar’s new YouTube video is about love, loss & moving on!

Saba Qamar reminds us that eventually time heals all wounds

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Saba Qamar celebrated the first anniversary of her YouTube channel and her birthday yesterday by uploading the music video of “Chingariyan” by Mustafa Zahid which starred her and Emmad Irfani. She had previously announced the release on Instagram by sharing a clip of the song along with the caption: “Love demands a special kind of courage. The courage of getting hurt again and again.”

The actress also revealed that working on Chingariyan was something very personal to her past experience of experiencing love and then heartbreak after breaking off the relationship, and the painful lessons she got from this experience was something she wanted to pass on to her fans as well. She also thanked Mustafa Zahid for choosing her to star in his music video and her co-star Emmad Irfani and announced that the song will drop on her birthday:

“Chingariyan – An episode very close to my heart and a story relatable for all of you out there ✌️🧿🤍

Thanks to my dearest friend @mustafazahids for the most beautiful song! And Heartiest thanks to my favourite on screen hero @emmadirfani for being a part of this episode 😍🎧

Releasing on my Birthday:


The “Chingariyan” music video opens with Saba Qamar mourning the loss of a broken relationship and is constantly reminded of flashbacks of her and her fiancé together and when she was truly happy. The video ends with Saba making a decision to move on after she recieves a text from her fiance which she chooses to ignore. A message also appears by the end reminding us all that eventually times heals our heartbreak:

“Like an echo in the forest

Better days will come around

As if nothing happened

So stay strong, move on because

Life Goes On!”

You can watch the complete video below!