‘Saazish’ ya ‘Mudhakhlat’?: Memes pour in after DG ISPR presser



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‘Saazish’ ya ‘Mudhakhlat’?: Memes pour in over social media following the DG ISPR press conference on Thursday.

Following the deposition of PM Imran Khan due to a vote of noconfidence in parliament, Khan had deemed the political opposition he has been facing as being a planned foreign ‘conspiracy’ against himself and the new government as being ‘imported’. Khan claimed that “he learned about the foreign conspiracy on March 7 from a letter sent by a Pakistani diplomat. This diplomat allegedly conveyed a threat from U.S. diplomat Donald Lu to the Pakistani government.”

Following this, ISPR DG Major General Babar Iftikhar attempted to refute all of Khan’s claims in a presser held yesterday, where he stated that there has been no “conspiracy” only “interference”, or no ‘saazish’ only ‘madakhlat’ by foreign powers.

Consequently, the DG’s speech only ended up confusing an already confused Pakistani public further, who tried to make sense of the whole scenario through memes and jokes on Twitter!