Ruswai – What An Impactful Episode!!

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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Ruswai’ s recent episode was an impactful one with roller coaster ride of some intense emotions!! As the drama started off with Sameera ( Sana Javed )being gang raped and then further on leading to the consequences of exchange marriages and how this one incident changes Sameera’s life forever; it surely has much more to offer.

Drama serial Ruswai, has shed light light on how rape survivors are treated in our society and how they are being considered as a shame for their family. It also brought attention to how women who are being raped should take a stand for themselves and raise their voice so that the culprits cannot roam around that freely.

Further on it has focused on how exchange marriages can be a mess in our society where if one couple ends up with divorce the other couple has to face the consequences as well.

Last night, the drama left fans in tears and with goosebumps. Not only Sameera but every character played a great role showing fantastic acting skills, be it Hamza, Warda,Salman, Pinky or their parents! Hats off! 

Sameera’s kind heartedness and won hearts despite not being treated in a nice way by her in-laws. The way Warda on the other hand asks for forgiveness from her mother-in-law by placing her new born child in her feet left everyone in tears.

Fans were anxiously waiting for Hamza to step back form his decision and take his wife Warda along with him and finally it was a sigh of relief in today’s episode.

The least expected happens!! Salman finally gets a reality check and realises that he lost Sameera. His interaction with Dr. Feroze was a powerful one! Their conversation was indeed a treat to watch and we must say it was overall a magnificent performance.

Ruswai has covered so much in its recent episodes that we must say that the director has a very strong grip over each and every character and story-line as well.

We just cant wait to see how the story further unfolds!

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