Ruswai ’s Last Trailer leaves Us With Goosebumps!

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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Ruswai has proved to be one of the most impactful drama with a power-pack of some great performances by the characters and an outclass script!

The drama has sehd light on different issues of our society; Sameera (Sana Javed ) being a rape suvior and how such women are treated in our society. The problems of exchange marriages and the pressure it brings on both sides of the families.

On the positive side it also showed the amazing bond a family shares wrapped up affection.

They also highlighted how Sameera took strength from Mukhata Mai who was gang raped here in a village.

Breaking all taboos, Ruswai hs tried to convey this message to all the women out there that they should take a stand for themselves and especially the rape surviviors so that the culprits do not roam around freely. It also emphasized on the fact that women do not need the support of a man to stand tall in our society as women should be self-dependent to fight their own battles.

As Ruswai has reached its end and we are anxiously waiting for the last episode as the trailer leaves us with goosebumps!! The trailer clearly showed how Sameera took a stand and got her case re-opend and the trauma she has to go through!
It is heart-wrenching to see the pain and stress she goes through as she tries to get hold of the culprits!! It clearly showed what happens in our society when such cases are tried to be taken up by the victims!

With the trailer alot are speculating Salman’s (Mikaal zulfiqar) death as well and the criminals might shoot him instead of Sameera in the choas.

Let’s see how the last episode unfolds itself as it is no less than a treat to watch and we hope our Pakistani drama industry keep entertaining us.

Have a look at the trailer: