Rom-com K-dramas in 2022 that we have loved so far!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


2022 has been an amazing year for k-dramas, and we have seen so many amazing actors like Naam Joo-Hyuk and Ahn Heo-seo receive positive feedback and growing fanbases because of their amazing acting in dramas so far. Here are some dramas you can watch on streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney Plus that we could highly reccomend!

  1. A Business Proposal (watch on Netflix)

Ahn Heo-Deop plays Kim Tae-Moo, a successful business man who has always been used to receiving the best of everything in life, but turns away every time his grandfather requests him to get married and settle down. Shin Ha-Ri (played by Kim Sejeong) works as a food researcher for his company and her best friend Seol In-Ah (played by Jin Young-Seo) begs her to go to a blind date in her place and scare the man away. When Ha-Ri does go to the date, she is shocked to find out that the man she’s meeting is her boss, who is determined to marry her.
2.  Soundtrack #1 (watch on Disney Plus)

Can two lifelong best friends fall in love? Lee Eunsu (played by Haan So Hee) and Han Seon Woo (played by Park Hyung Sik) have been best friends since they were ten years old, and have sought out each others company every time they feel down. But Seo Woo has been keeping a secret for the past 20 years: that he is in love with his best friend but he is afraid that revealing this might destroy their bond. When Eunsu cannot write the perfect love song, she requests Seon Woo to move in with her for two weeks before he is to leave for America, and this puts a test to the fact that whether they are friends or something more.

3. 25-21 (watch on Netflix)

A sudden financial crisis in the 90’s throws everything in shambles, Na Hee Do is an aspiring fencing champion who is told that her school is disbanding the fencing club, and Baek Hi Jin is a college boy who loses his house and his family when his dad’s business crashes. The two meet and create an inseparable bond as they both inspire each other to never give up chasing their dreams in spite of all the hardships.

4. Crazy love (watch on Disney Plus)

No Go Jin (played by Kim Jae Wook) is the CEO of a successful math academy and he is known for wanting everything in precise and clear order which is why his secretary Lee Shin Ah (played by Krystal Jung) is constantly working overtime to make sure everything is to his satisfaction. When Go Jin begins receiving death threats and he decides that pretending that he has amnesia is the best way to remain safe, his secretary helps him with the plan since she learns that she has cancer and is dying soon.

5. Shooting Stars (watch online)

Oh Han Byul is the PR team leader of the management agency Starforce Entertainment, and her new task is to take care of the top Korean star GongTae Song, whom she abhors since they both don’t get along. While they start by butting heads on every decision, soon they begin to fall in love with each other.