Resham ‘s Classic Tv Dramas to Binge-watch!!

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas

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Resham is one of the finest actress of both our film and drama insustry. Resham started her career with film Jeeva in 1995, although before that film she did few small roles in television dramas.  She followed it with starring roles in several commercially successful films throughout the 1990s, including Chor Machaye Shor and Ghunghat(both 1996), Sangam(1997) (for which she received a National Award for Best Actress) Dupatta Jal Raha Hai (1998), and Inteha(1999) and many more.

She continued to play leading and supporting roles in Pakistani films until the decline of Lollywood in early 2000s.

Resham has graced the television screen after taking a break from the film industry with several appearances at the fashion weeks.

Resham has been one of the prominent faces in the industry with her beautiful features, on point style sense and fantastic acting skills for both silver and bug screen.

Here are some of her best drama serials that you can binge-watch in quarantine!!


Man-o-Salwa was broadcasted in 2007 by Hum Tv and was based on Umera Ahmed’s  novel. The telenovela, featured  Resham , Faysal Quraisi and Nauman Ijaz  in the lead roles. It was directed by Babar Javed and produced by Momina Duraid. It revolves around Zainab (Resham) who was a beautiful girl, deeply in love with her cousin Sheraz (Faysal Quraishi) and was also committed to him. Sheraz witnesses certain events which he misinterprets and hence, believes Zainab to be involved in affairs with other men. Thus, he decides to break the engagement and then the story further unfolds.


Noor Bibi:

Resham played the role of Noor Bibi and was seen as a woman clad in burqa which resulted in speculations on how Resham’s role might just be based on our first lady, Bushra Maneka. On asking Resham, she said that it is a role of a “peerni” but the role did not have any assosiation with the first lady. Aside from Resham as the lead character, the drama serial also stars names like Ali Abbas and Sanam Chaudhry in a romantic pairing, while some other names include Usman Peerzada, Saniya Shamshad, Gohar Rasheed and Zaib Chaudhry. It is a story of a young divorced girl who has dealt with all sorts of worldly problems in her early years, and those  hardships turned her towards spirituality.



Aashti was a TV serial from Mehroz Karim Films that was aired on Hum Tv. Ashti is the story of a Bengali girl (Resham) who works as a maid for Abrash’s (Humayun Saeed) affluent family. Ashti is engaged to Nazrul Islam (Faysal Quraishi ) but is secretly in love with Abrash who sympathizes with her and encourages her to pursue her education. However, she soon discovers that Abrash is to marry Zarnish (Angeline Malik) and then the story further.


Mohobbat Jaye Bhar Mein:

It was  a Pakistani comedy drma television series produced by Momina Duraid under and was written by Fasih Bari Khan. It premiered on Hum Tv on the 5th of February 2013. It was  a story that focuses on characters from the middle class area of Karachi who live in the same apartment building. It mainly focuses on two females, Shagufta ( Resham) and Neeli( Hina Dilpazeer) . Neeli is a high school girl who loves to live in a fantasy world. Trying to break out of the struggles of a low income family, Neeli tries to date boys that have money so they can buy her things and take her out to fancy restaurants. Shagufta is an attractive woman, admired by many men who want to be romantically involved with her. She is unmarried and although, she does not physically go to work, she makes her income from owning partial shares of a nearby shop. Mohabbat Jaye Bhar Mein, has many comedic scenes, but it is a far deeper drama, showing the viewers an internal pain and suffering of the many characters.



The story revolves around a poor girl Sanjha (Sohai Abro ) from the Thar desert in Sindh province of Pakistan. Bakshu (Rehan Sheikh) husband of his sister (Sabreen Hisbani) sells her to a brothel owner Mumtaz (Resham) and tells his wife, Sarah (Sabreen Hisbani) that he has sent Sanjha away to the city to earn a living. In her innocence, Sanjha does not realize that she has not been hired as a maid but as a prostitute. Shabo (Seemi Pasha ) also lives in the brothel with her two sons, Waheed “Weeda” Murad (Imran Aslam) and Deema. Weeda has a passion for painting and starts liking Sanjha.