Remembering to value the spirit of Rizq this Ramzan

Everything from the biggest to the smallest thing, that reaches us was always meant to be for us.

Shanzay Salman

Shanzay Salman

Features Editor

We deal with it carelessly, and give it little thought but the concept of Rizq or sustenance is seeped in beauty and meaning. It has many layers of depth to it. Any rizq that reaches us was always meant to be for us. Everything from the biggest to the smallest thing, as big as our life and as small as a lemon drop, is already predestined to be for us. This Ramzan let’s remember to value the spirit of Rizq.

The first point to remember is that Allah has promised to provide for all creatures in the Universe.

The most beautiful form of rizq is NOT money, instead it is: “Tranquility of a soul, Healthiness of a body, Purity of a heart. Soundness of thought. Dua from a mother. Kindness of a father. Presence of a brother. Laughter of a son. Caring of a friend. Duaa from someone who loves you for the sake of Allah.”

“And Surely, Allah is the best of Providers”

Allah refers to Him/Her self as ‘Ar-Razzaaq’ (The Provider). She/He is best aware of the needs of Her/His Creations and how to fulfill them, and Rizq can come from ways you never imagined.

Charity or giving a share of your provisions voluntarily in order to please God, only increases them manifold. This charity need not necessarily be physical or monetary alone.  It may be any voluntary charitable act towards others through generosity, love, compassion or faith.

Along these lines then, according to Islamic philosophy wealth is not something to be hoarded and chased after. Instead, if one does have an excess of it, it is an amanat (deposit) from Allah and must be dealt with accordingly, and shared justly with those needy and deserving of it.

Let’s spend this Ramzan remembering the spirit of the rizq endowed to us by Allah, giving thanks for what we have and sharing our countless blessings with those who need them! 😊