Redefine, recreate and revolutionize fashion with Lulusar



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Lulusar always stands true to their promise when it comes to a sustainable production and thus invites you to be a part of their digital realm. The brand’s internal design concept that fuses traditional garment construction techniques with the advanced possibilities of 3D design reduces overrun of samples and creates a realistic image of the design before it goes for production.

The process of digital development enables the brand to ensure minimal fabric wastage and create a better economic situation in Pakistan therefore, launching of the multi-dimensional virtual display of this collection is a great step towards a positive change in the fashion industry of Pakistan.

The digital journey of Lulusar will create a positive impact for the environment and economy of our country as the manufacturing units of fast fashion brands do not consider the consequences of their practices. This generates problematic issues for our upcoming generations which need to be addressed and this collection is an ideal example of how it should be done. Here’s to moving towards a hope for the better future of sustainable fashion as the campaign is now available in stores and online.