RaqseBismil 2 trends on Twitter as Imran Ashraf asks if we want another season?

Looks like we’ll have more of Moosa and Zohra




RaqseBismil came to an end last week with the audience delighted with its ending and promising performances by the actors. Moosa really won the heart of people with his convincing portrayal of the character. Sarah Khan also received huge appreciation for her role as Zohra.
Imran Ashraf also hinted at the possibility of another season with his tweets.

He also replied to one of the netzines who requested that Imran and Sarah should continue as Moosa and Zohra respectively to which he replied “Agar howa to aisa hi hoga”.

Twitter has been overflowing with tweets asking for another season, scroll down to see.

As far as this season is concerned many people were expecting a tragic ending but when Moosa ended up marrying Zohra, the audiences were delighted that the serial gave them the closure they needed. However as far as the next season is concerned we really can’t know what to expect next or what the story will entail. We’ll just have to wait and see.
Are you looking forward to a second season of RaqseBismil, do let us know in the comments section here. We sure are!