Rana Sanaullah: “citizens caught heckling anyone in public spaces will have their CNIC cards and passports blocked”

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan took to Twitter to respond to the incident regarding Minister Ahsan Iqbal who was heckled in a restaurant by PTI supporters a few days ago. The Interior Minister released a Twitter thread where he lamented the behavior of PTI supporters for disrupting peaceful spots with shouting and yelling at politicians:

“A so-called political party and its leader, who is suffering from insanity, addresses all Pakistani citizens, especially PML-N friends, for the sake of political hatred, malice, sedition and mischief and for security measures in view of it. ”

Rana Sanaullah told his followers that the next time they come across Imran Khan’s followers in the street and they make another public spectacle by screaming abuses, you can make videos of it for proof to send it to the Cyber Crime Committe or FIA through Whatsapp or social media

The Interior Minister also warned that citizens who were caught heckling or abusing politicians or other citizens in public spaces, they were breaching the “Freedom of Movement” law  which is Section 15 under the Constitution of Pakistan, and will face severe consequences like blocking of passport or CNIC cards.

Lastly, Rana Sanaullah reminded Pakistanis that if they are attacked of heckled by Imran Khan’s followers, then they have the right to use legal means to defend themselves.