Twitter lauds Prem Gali for its message regarding transgenders



Prem Gali, an on-air drama serial featuring the super talented Farhan Saeed and Sohai Ali Abroo has Twitter’s attention after it’s latest episode after it featured a scene involving members of the transgender community and the main lead role Hamza (played by Farhan Saeed).

Prem Gali

The audience took to social media to appreciate and laud the witter of the drama serial Faiza Iftikhar for not only acknowledging the transgender community but for also depicting the right way of treating it’s members.

Here’s what people are Tweeting regarding the drama serial:

Dramas these days are focusing more and more on sensitive topics that surely need more attention. The way the scene from the drama serial liberated the transgender community so seamlessly is beyond wonderful and worthy of special attention.

Kudos to the writer of the drama serial Faiza Iftikhar for writing a script that not only cracks great comedy but also incorporates important messages that need to be spread in the our society! That being said, Prem Gali remains an all time favourite.

Watch Prem Gali’s latest episode below:

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