Please keep Cocomo out of politics



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As the famous biscuit brand #Cocomo trends on Twitter and people use it to make various points for and against political parties and persons, we would like to make a request: Please keep Cocomo out of politics.

As Miftah Ismail- who also happens to be the owner of brands like CandyLand, Bisconni, SnackCity, Kurleez, AstroPak takes up his position as the new Finance Minister, people cannot help but involve the nation’s prized  biscuits in the middle of all arguments and discussions.

While many of the Cocomo related remarks and memes appear to be funny, many others seem a bit extreme and unnecessary. Here we have compiled some of the interesting ones.

Many social media users are even calling for a boycott of all products of Ismail Industries since they’re run by Miftah Ismail

One wrong word spoken by Miftah Ismail, and the biscuit will become the topic of discussion.