#PhanderWinterSportsFestival takes off as a result of the efforts of Gilgit-Baltistan youth

The first ever of its kind festival is being held without the support of government or any big sponsors to promote tourism.



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The youth of Gilgit-Baltistan just single-handedly pulled together the #PhanderWinterSportsFestival happening right now in Phander Valley, without the support of government or any big sponsors. It is difficult to fathom how a bunch of young people would do this in a week, but regardless the festival is happening just now in full force!

Phander Valley will now be exhibiting the two day winter sports festival, on 4th and 5th of February, with the aim of promoting tourism.

The Sports Festival has so far featured skiing games and ice skating competitions and residents of the region are thoroughly enjoying the community initiative.

There have also been traditional dance performances.

Amidst the difficult weather and geographical conditions of the region, the #PhanderWinterSportsFestival comes as a proof of the commitment and energies of the youth, despite the lack of any institutional support.

Arrangements for the festival took place many weeks beforehand and involved assessing the safety of the skating ring among other things. Everything was done on a voluntary basis by the Phander community. The video shows “Mr. Riaz making sure there is no risk to carry out the event by checking the thickness of ice and underneath water depth.”

The #PhanderWinterSportsFestival comes as an example of a unique and wholesome collective effort to promote inclusivity, well-being and economic growth in the community.