Phaans wraps up with a powerful message

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


The Drama “Phaans” grabbed immense attention from public, in its initial episodes. Shahzad Sheikh’s phenomenal performance was considered one of his master pieces, from his entire career. 


Sheikh is portrayed as a mentally unstable boy who allegedly abuses the daughter, Zeba (Zara Noor Abbas) of his house help. At first Zeba’s claims are considered as a false accusation towards Sahir. 


However, even after having a strong plot the drama was pushed a bit too much. It gained popularity again in its concluding episodes where Sahir’s mother stands up against her own son. Her perseverance in getting justice for Zeba at odds with his own son, is being considered a remarkable portrayal of a harassers mother. 


After Zeba succeeds in proving her case, Sahir is punished with a life sentence and Zeba is shown pursuing womenrights lawyers’ career. 


The drama has become the talk to the town since it’s last episode due to the character of Nadia (Sahir’s Mother). There have been multiple dramas on sexual harassment but this might be the first one in which a mother stands against his own son. 



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