People Cannot Get Over Sarah Khan in Sabaat!



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Source: Hum TV

We’re three episodes into Sabaat and its been truly a delight to watch so far. A brainchild of Momina Duraid, Kashif Anwar and Shehzad Kashmiri, drama serial Sabaat features a star studded cast inclusive of Mawra Hocane, Osman Mukhtar, Ameer Gilani and Sarah Khan – a team enough to grasp attention on its own on the basis of glittering names. However, in every project, there’s always this one character which adds extra zest and life to the show and in Sabaat’s case its Miraal, played by one of the most beautiful faces of the Pakistani drama fraternity, Sarah Khan.

Sarah Khan
Source: Facebook

Sarah Khan made her screen debut with a supporting role in the 2012 Hum TV’s television serial Badi Aapa, and followed it with brief roles in several successful television series, gaining fans, love and support with each step of her career.

Her latest project Sabaat is a tale of brother-sister rivalry. Her character Miraal is that of a young, bold and vivacious girl who is narcissist and egocentric and wants to keep everything about life and family under her control, especially her brother.

The audience has wholeheartedly fallen in love with Sarah’s performance and have taken to social media to sing praises of how well the actress has been executing her demanding character.

Sarah Khan truly has won hearts only a few episodes in and the love and support from the audience is mere proof!

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