Parizaad trends on Twitter after fans praise Ahmed Ali Akbar and Asad Mumtaz Malik

“This world is a man’s world. And to survive in a man’s world, you need to be even more manly than them.”

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


#Parizaad was trending on Twitter today as fans praised the phenomenal performance of Ahmed Ali Akbar and also the introduction of a new secondary character Guru. This episode opens up with the reunion of Bubbly and Parizaad, and we find out that the former had run away from home and was now living with Guru.

It was Asad Mumtaz Malik who has garnered the most praises by fans for his portrayal of a transgender man who taken in Bubbly after she chooses to run away from home and gives her a new name: Dilawar, which allows her embrace the identity she always wanted. The scene which had received the most attention throughout the episode was the interaction between Guru and Parizaad, where the former opens up about being abandoned by his parents because he was a hijra, and created this space where people like him could find safety.

Fans on Twitter praised both the performances by actors as well as the writer Hashim Nadeem for giving such an emotional and heart warming portrayal of transgenders.

Here’s to hoping that we see more drama’s like Parizaad in the future which are not afraid to dive deep into the social problems in our society!